Eight Abington student athletes earn all-conference honors

Abington volleyball

Two student athletes from the Abington volleyball team were chosen for all-conference honors.

Credit: Penn State

Eight Penn State Abington student athletes were selected for the 2013 North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) cross-country and volleyball all-conference teams. Four runners from the men’s team were chosen, the most since the program was founded.

Men’s NEAC cross-country all-conference
• First team: Alex Kane (sophomore)
• Second team: Nicholas Volpe (junior, biology)
• Third team: Sufyan Musah (junior); Mohannad Abdulrahman (sophomore, earth and mineral sciences)

Women’s NEAC cross-country all-conference
• First team: Valerie Santangelo (first year)
• Third team: Gina Montgomery (sophomore, childhood and early adolescent education)

Women’s NEAC volleyball all-conference
• Second team: Rachel Bohl (first year)
• Third team: Abby Millan (sophomore)

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