Campus Directory - Staff

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Richard Alderson [email protected] Rydal Building, 106 215-881-7575
Gary Alexander [email protected]
Testing Center, Academic Support
Sutherland, 223 215-881-7576
Ashley Anthony [email protected]
Associate Director of Transfer Admissions, Admissions
Sutherland, 106 215-881-7349
Dr. Whitney Arjun [email protected]
Director of Enrollment Management, Admissions
Sutherland, 106 215-881-7446
Sarah Bollinger Armentrout [email protected]
Academic Adviser, Lecturer of English
Sutherland, 224B 215-881-7502
Andrew August, Ph.D. [email protected]
Interim Chancellor
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor of History, History
Sutherland, 115 215-881-7863
Kevin Badie [email protected] Rydal Building, 106 215-881-7575
Friederike Baer, Ph.D. [email protected]
Interim Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Division Head, Arts and Humanities, Academic Affairs
Associate Professor, History
Early American History, Public History, American Studies
Sutherland, 119 215-881-7593
Deborah Ball [email protected]
Staff Assistant, Bursar Office
Sutherland, 122 215-881-7325
Peter Bardi [email protected]
Moira Baylson [email protected] Rydal Executive Plaza, 2nd Floor 215-881-7379
Kathryn Benson Ho [email protected]
Administrative Assistant, Online & Information Technology
+1 215 881 7675
Maria Berardi [email protected]
Testing Center, Academic Support
Sutherland, 223 215-881-7576
Kim Birch [email protected]
Staff Assistant, Academic Affairs
Sutherland, 119 215-881-7584
Jennifer Bona [email protected]
Transfer Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Sutherland, 106 215-881-7345
Timothy Boone [email protected]
Housekeeping Foreman, Business Services
Sutherland, 2A 215-881-7909
Deanna Bosley [email protected]
Transfer Adviser, Advising Center
Sutherland, 221A 215-881-7521
Melanie Boston [email protected]
International Student Success Specialist, Office of Global Programs
Conference Center, Room 9 215-881-7932
Beth Bradley [email protected]
Associate Director, Student Affairs, Student Engagement and Leadership
Lares, 209 215-881-7510
Alexia Brewster [email protected]
Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Sutherland, 106 215-881-7948