Jacob Benfield, Ph.D.

Jacob Benfield
Woodland, 236g
Phone: On-campus Microsoft Teams Calling

Teaching interests/courses taught

PSYCH100: Introduction to Psychology 
PSYCH144z: Climate Change: Individual Behavior and Group Attitudes 
PSYCH301W: Basic Research Methods in Psychology 
PSYCH407: Advanced Research Methods in Psychology 
PSYCH408: Program Evaluation 
PSYCH424: Applied Social Psychology 
PSYCH434: Psychology of Gaming 

Selected Awards, Grants, and Other Honors

2020 Faculty Outreach Award (University-wide) 

2014 Outstanding Teacher Aware for Tenure Line Faculty (Penn State Abington) 

“Expanding the Summer College Immersion Program” (2021). Organization: William Penn Foundation, Role: PI (2 years). 

“Development of Visitor-based acoustical and night sky indicators and standards” (2017). Organization: National Park Service, Role: Co-PI (2 years).

“A systematic evaluation of the Reimagining the Civic Commons park renovations” (2016). Organization: William Penn Foundation, Role: Co-PI. (3 years + 2-year extension).

“Healthy parks, healthy people” (2016). Organization: Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, Role: Team Member (1 year).

“A systematic evaluation of park renovations at Fairmount Park East Parkside – Phase 2” (2015). Organization: William Penn Foundation, Role: Co-Investigator (2 years).

“Healthy Parks, Healthy People” (2015). Organization: Penn State Institute for Energy and the Environment partnered with the Social Science Research Institutes, Role: Team Member (1 year).

“Soundscape-induced psychology and biobehavioral stress recovery.” Organization: Social Science Research Institute, Research Collaborative Fellowship (2014), Role: PI (1 year)

Outstanding Teacher Award for Tenure Line Faculty, Penn State University-Abington     2014

Social-Environmental Psychology, environmental stressors (noise, light pollution), resource and recreation management, restorative environments.

Freeman, S.E., Taff, B.D., Lawhon, B., Benfield, J.A., & Newman, P. (In Press). The impact of persuasive communications on wildlife approach during ungulate viewing experiences in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Journal of Interpretation Research. 

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‡Indicates a student co-authored paper

Ph.D. Colorado State University, Applied Social Psychology, 2008
M.S. Colorado State University, Applied Social Psychology, 2006
B.S. Colorado State University, Psychology and Sociology, 2003