Penn State Abington, theater collaborate on continuing legal education

Hollywood creates attorneys who seem to have it all: Ivy League pedigrees, amazing wardrobes and the unfailing ability to enthrall a courtroom and to articulate their cases.

Penn State Abington and the Walnut Street Theatre have created an original continuing legal education program to teach attorneys the physical and mental techniques that actors successfully employ. “Taking the Stage at America's Oldest Theatre: How Acting Skills Can Make You a Better Advocate” will be held on Saturday, Dec. 16, at the Center City Philadelphia theater.

According to Theresa Bloom, an Abington continuing education program manager, “This is a completely interactive and innovative way of learning skills that can improve your effectiveness as an advocate.”

Award-winning Walnut Street Theatre actor and director TJ Sokso and seasoned attorneys Robert J. Kinney and Stephen I. Kasloff, both accomplished actors, will lead the four-hour session, which begins at 1:30 p.m. It will be followed by an optional behind-the-scenes tour of the theater.

Sokso, Kinney and Kasloff will aim to develop and enhance your existing skills through a variety of exercises including:

  • Physical presence, listening, focusing, imagination. Voice skills will can help with the proper placement, projection and articulation of your voice.
  • Awakening the physical, vocal and imagination centers of your body to help portray confidence, emotion or to control a room.
  • Improvisation through a series of games; and
  • A breakdown of the actor’s toolbox to help strengthen your performance in the courtroom, the boardroom and during presentations.

For more information, call Theresa Bloom at 215-881-7402 or go to