Business/tech writing at Abington opens new career paths

A certificate in technical and business writing from Penn State Abington offers current students and working professionals a competitive career edge, capitalizes on existing expertise and provides committed mentors in a field with projected job growth.

The five-course curriculum includes separate tracks for business writing and technical writing, the ability to create an e-portfolio and access to the resources of the campus Career Development Center.

But Abington Composition Coordinator Dr. Stacy L. Day said faculty mentors -- whom she calls “one of Abington’s greatest strengths” -- are key to the students’ success.

“Each student’s faculty mentor helps tailor the course content to their professional goals,” she said. “Our instructors work full time in the field. They have the jobs our students want. And they teach the most current trends and technologies.”

For example, Day said, one student needed a portfolio to advance his career, but none of his current job responsibilities involved writing. He communicated with faculty members who assigned projects to help him develop a professional e-portfolio. Day said such active support enables students to increase their compensation, qualify for new positions with current employers and find new jobs.

The program has been strengthened by recent federal government data predicting job growth of nearly 20 percent by the end of the decade, especially for those with strong Web and multimedia skills. Both writing tracks include instruction on Web-based publishing and document design, which prepares students for careers in writing for the Web, software development, business and public relations.

Current students and professionals interested in rewriting their career story can find more information at