Heard on Campus: Linda Patterson Miller at Penn State Laureate Jubilee

“We’re honored to have gathered here all the laureates to-date and also the laureate-to-be, Chris Staley. We take special pride in Penn State’s commitment to the laureate program and to its recognition that the arts and humanities matter. We come here today to celebrate artistic collaboration and the great art that such collaboration generates. Art that reveals to us, ourselves and renders life true.”

-- Linda Patterson Miller, 2011-12 Penn State laureate, professor of English at Penn State Abington and master of ceremonies of the first-ever Penn State Laureate Jubilee held April 24 on the University Park campus. The public event featured past, present and future Penn State laureates, who came together to celebrate the University’s commitment to the arts and humanities. Laureates in attendance were Kim Cook, 2008-09; Anthony T. Leach, 2009-10; Robin G. Becker, 2010-11; Miller, and the newly named 2012-13 laureate, Christopher Parks Staley. For more information about each laureate and the Penn State laureate program, visit laureate.psu.edu.