Heard at Abington: Reaction to presidential executive order banning travel

Abington diversity

Penn State Abington Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion staff: John Nguyen, Anyi Ye, and Jose Rodriguez. 

Credit: Regina Broscius

"One student came into the office terrified and shaking, worried that she would be sent away. At this point we can only offer reassurance, but a lot of students are afraid to come and talk even though we make people aware we are a safe space.” 

— John Nguyen, Assistant Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Penn State Abington

"I've personally heard that students are very unsure, and no one knows where the executive order will go. If students don’t feel comfortable talking to someone in power like faculty or staff, the International Cultural Alliance at Abington can help. Abington has a beautifully diverse group of students who want to help whether it's spiritually, or buying food, or something else."

— Jonathan Martinez, student and president of the Abington International Cultural Alliance

Excerpts from the Penn State Abington discussion following the live stream of the National Teach-In on the Presidential Executive Order Banning Muslims, Immigrants, and Refugees.