Scene at Abington: No tolerance for relationship violence

Stand for State

Penn State Abington students sport green dots, which represent positive actions that reduce relationship violence.

Credit: Maria Narodetsky

ABINGTON, Pa. — The Penn State Abington campus community launched a formal battle against relationship violence and stalking this week with the University's Stand for State training.


Abington students learned about Stand for State tactics and spread awareness of the training program. 

Credit: Maria Narodetsky

It's your right to be safe from sexual and relationship violence, and the Abington community's responsibility to protect each other. Stand for State teaches tactics to effectively intervene and diffuse risky situations by learning to safely:

  • Direct: Confront the person.
  • Distract: Change the conversation and energy of the interaction by suggesting options such as talking to another person or moving to a different setting.
  • Delegate: Alert someone you believe will successfully intervene (another friend, public safety officer, faculty).
Stand for State

Penn State Abington students expressed their commitment to bystander intervention during events in the Lares Union Building.

Credit: Penn State

Upcoming Stand for State training will focus on intervention skills for mental health crises, bias, and alcohol and drug use.

Stand for State is the official University training to prevent sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking through bystander intervention. The green dot signifies pro-active options to stand up for safety.

Stand for State
Credit: Maria Narodetsky