Penn State Abington becomes leading authority for green IT solutions

As companies large and small realize the importance of green computing in their everyday operations, Penn State Abington will be ready to assist them. With the uncapping of electricity rates in Pennsylvania a short six months away (Jan. 1, 2011), a push for environmental responsibility, a constant need for power to run the information technology engine that provides critical business information and cost containment measures inherent in every business decision, green computing has become a necessity.

Thanks to the students of Penn State Abington's Senior Lecturer Ed Green's spring 2010 IST capstone project, a comprehensive Green Computing course has been developed. This course was created using information gathered from various published sources including white papers, textbooks, case studies and websites. These sources provided the backbone for research and analysis of information to create one integrated process for implementing green IT.

These students developed The Green Computing Course based around environmental awareness and sound technical theory. Comprehensive in design, the green IT course promotes hardware, software, data, operational and development methods with low negative environmental impact. Business essentials including cost/benefit analysis and return on investment (ROI) are included as indispensible course elements.

The nine module course will be offered through the Office of Continuing Education’s Workforce Development programming at Penn State Abington. It's developed and designed for professionals in the IT field. The initial offering of Abington's The Green Computing Course will begin Oct. 16, with an evening informational session in September. According to Randy Ingbritsen, assistant director of continuing education, The Green Computing Course is research based.

"We're very excited about getting started and sharing our research and information with the IT world. Our students spent several hundred hours researching, analyzing and writing this comprehensive course. We’re proud to say [that] The Green Computing Course, developed at Penn State Abington, is the most current information out there on green computing solutions."

This certification course, for the businesses/professionals that complete it, has the potential to be what LEED certification is to the building industry:

  • Defines "green computing" by establishing a more standardized approach
  • Recognizes environmental leadership in the IT industry
  • Stimulates green competition
  • Raises business/professional/consumer awareness of green computing benefits
  • Transforms the IT field/process

For more information on The Green Computing Course contact Randy Ingbritsen at [email protected] or 215-881-7405.