Abington Faculty in the News: Water contamination, the American worker

Yvonne Love Abington art

Yvonne Love, assistant professor of art.

Credit: Penn State

ABINGTON, Pa. — Philadelphia Weekly interviewed two Penn State Abington art faculty about the Sept. 6 debut of the exhibit "Weight of Water" at the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival Kick Off Party.

Yvonne Love and William Cromar, as members of the multimedia arts collaborative TangentT, said “Weight of Water” highlights the water contamination crisis in the Philadelphia suburb of Warminster.   

“I really wanted to jump in and do something that was more political in regards to this, especially because the community is still hurting,” Love, assistant professor of art, said. Love's inspiration for the project stems from the 1977 death of her sister from leukemia, which Love attributes to contaminated drinking water in their childhood home in Warminster.


Lonnie Golden, professor of economics and labor-employment relations at Penn State Abington

Credit: Maria Narodetsky

Research by Lonnie Golden, professor of economics and labor-employment relations at Abington, appeared recently in The Hill and Huffington Post. 

The opinion piece on The Hill site, "It's high time to address fluctuating work schedules for low-wage jobs," presents research to support the finding that such scheduling "takes its toll on employees, in ways that could come back to haunt employees’ ability to perform well at work and thus, against the long-term interest of employers as well."

A Huffington Post reporter interviewed Golden for an analysis of a Bureau of Labor Statistics report and a HuffPost poll about the effects of the Affordable Care Act on part-time employment in America.

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