Phillip Diouf is recognized as a John Roe Sustainability Impact Awardee

The Abington student is honored for his proactive approach to creating a culture of sustainability
Two students in an office

Phillip Diouf (right) with fellow peer counselor Cameron Wofford during walk-in hours at the Abington campus Counseling and Psychological Services office.

Credit: Provided

ABINGTON, Pa. — In recognition of student leadership and commitment to environmental stewardship, Phillip Diouf, an undergraduate at Penn State Abington, has been named one of this year's recipients of the John Roe Sustainability Impact Award. This award, named after the late Penn State mathematics professor John Roe, reflects the profound impact of individuals who are driven to make a difference in the sustainability landscape of the University. Diouf's proactive approach and effective leadership are especially celebrated with this award.

"Phillip has been instrumental in advancing sustainability efforts on campus,” said assistant director of residence life, Jose Garcia Cintora. “His involvement with Counseling and Psychological Services and the Sustainability Council has been marked by initiatives that have not only raised awareness but also mobilized the community towards actionable change."

Diouf’s contribution as a peer mentor and his dynamic role in sustainability discussions during the Higher Education 302 class are highlights of his advocacy work. His insightful facilitation has inspired many resident assistant candidates to integrate sustainable practices into their future roles, creating a ripple effect of positive change across campus.

Reflecting on his contributions and the award recognition, Diouf said, "This award is not just about the initiatives we've started or the events we've organized; it's about sparking a conversation that leads to enduring change. Seeing my fellow students take up the mantle of sustainability in their own lives and future careers is truly the most rewarding outcome of our collective efforts. At Penn State, we're not just talking about making a difference; we are actively building a community where sustainability is woven into the very fabric of our daily lives."

Diouf’s dedication to the principles of sustainability extends into his everyday life at Penn State, fostering an environment where responsible consumption and health and well-being are part of the campus culture, according to Douglas Goodstein, associate director for student engagement at Penn State Sustainability, who added that this aligns with Penn State's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which serve as a global blueprint for dignity, peace, and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

"Students like Phillip Diouf are at the forefront of Penn State's mission to integrate sustainability into our education, research, operations, and outreach," said Goodstein. “His endeavors exemplify our shared commitment to a sustainable future, and his recognition with the John Roe Award is richly deserved. He is a beacon of sustainable leadership and an inspiration to us all."

For inquiries or further information about the John Roe Sustainability Impact Award and Penn State's broader sustainability initiatives, please visit or contact Douglas Goodstein at [email protected]