Abington chancellor highlights how life experiences inform her leadership

Headshot image of Penn State Abington Chancellor Margo DelliCarpini.

Penn State Abington Chancellor Margo DelliCarpini.

Credit: Penn State

Penn State Abington Chancellor Margo DelliCarpini was interviewed on Executive Leaders Radio, a national program that shares how chief executives developed the skills that have enabled them to help organizations. 

DelliCarpini, who was born in Brooklyn and grew up on Long Island, told the hosts that the diversity in her family and hometown as well as activities as a child helped form her. 

“These experiences helped me develop real collaborative people skills, problem solving and goal setting. It broadened my experiences and shaped my leadership abilities. I wanted to be a champion for people. Whenever I saw somebody struggling, I felt it was my obligation to go help and problem solve with them and find resources,” she said. 

As the chancellor at Penn State Abington, I am responsible for bringing people together, bringing ideas to the table, and really addressing problems on our campus and in our communities and in higher education,” DelliCarpini continued. 

Listen to the full interview here