Abington partners with Emmy-winning music tech firm

Hudson Marsh

Hudson Marsh, Penn State Abington integrative arts major

Credit: Penn State

ABINGTON, Pa. — Penn State Abington announced its affiliation with an Emmy-winning global tech firm whose products are used to create music, television shows, feature films and commercials.

Avid Technology Inc. designated Abington an Avid Learning Partner (ALP). 

"Nearly any music you hear on the radio, movies, television, CDs or downloads comes to you via Avid's ProTools software, the industry standard for recording and production," Roy Robson, division head for Arts & Humanities at Abington, said. 

Students in the Performing Arts program will be able to sit for two levels of professional certification. The internationally accepted certification exams will be available at deeply discounted rates.

"Our students will leave Abington with the credentials to work in nearly any music production studio in the world," Robson continued.

An additional benefit of the ALP designation is a substantial increase in site licenses at Abington, which allows the college to serve more students.

"Our students will leave Abington with the credentials to work in nearly any music production studio in the world."

— Roy Robson, division head, Arts & Humanities, Penn State Abington

There are only three academic ALPs in Pennsylvania, and Abington is the first Penn State campus to earn this status. The ALP also allows the college to host seminars, certification exams for nonstudents, and offer intensive summer programs.

Avid is the college's second affiliation after Yamaha.

Avid received its 15th Emmy Award this year for excellence in technology and engineering from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Every 2017 Grammy nominee for Record or Album of the Year used Avid's production tools. 

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