Non-Credit Internships

Complete the steps below to report your non-credit internship. If you are exploring an internship for credit, please complete the for credit internship application for approval.

Before you begin your internship

1. Make an appointment with the Career & Professional Development Department to begin the process of finding a suitable location for your internship. During your appointment you will discuss when you want to do your internship, what you want out of your internship, what general geographic area you need or want, as well as strategies regarding your job search, your resume, etc. BEGIN EARLY BECAUSE THIS TAKES TIME!

2. Check out our 24/7 Tools to help search for your internship.

3. Complete the non-credit internship form.

During your internship

1. Maintain a professional, friendly attitude while at your workplace.

2. Perform to the best of your abilities while completing tasks assigned by your supervisor. The more you put into your internship, the more you will get out of it.

3. Keep a journal of your internship activities and reflect on your feelings about the work as well as the relationship between the work and what you have learned during your coursework. You will be able to use this information in the future updating your resume, discussing with potential employers your previous experience, as well as in classes.

4. Ask for feedback from your supervisor regarding the quality of your work. Ask questions if you need to in order to complete the projects you have been assigned.

5 .If there is a miscommunication about your work on the site, talk about it with your supervisor. If you have concerns about how the internship is going, contact the Career & Professional Development Team and we will help you. It is better to resolve issues during the internship rather than quit!

After Your Internship

1. Complete the Student Evaluation of Internship by contacting a career counselor at [email protected]

2. Keep in touch with your employer for future employment, networking opportunities or to serve as a reference.

3. Consider sharing your experiences with other students on campus through a presentation or allowing the Career & Professional Development Department to post your story online.