Business Ethics and Society, A Global Perspective in Malta

Business Ethics and Society: A Global Perspective, Management 451W, is a 3-credit course that will include a required international travel component to Malta over Spring Break 2019.

Given the recent business failures concerning ethical behavior, business ethics have been more important than ever. The residential portion of the class will take place on Penn State Abington campus. Over Spring Break the entire class will travel to Malta with Dr. Steve McMillan, the faculty leader.  Ethics and moral behavior are very much culturally bound.

This semester the major focus will be on Malta. Malta is located at a strategic point between Europe, Africa and Asia and has a very diverse culture and there are substantial differences from the U.S. view of ethical behavior. Spending a week in Malta will illuminate how important culture is in determining ethics and will prove valuable to students as they embark on their careers.

While in Malta, the group will be residing in Msida where the University of Malta is located. Much of the classroom discussion will take place there. It will also include travel to Valletta, the capital, Gozo, and Comino. The course will include readings, lectures, videos, case studies, reflections and immersion in another culture.

Students must set up an appointment to meet with the faculty leader, Dr. McMillan in order to be enrolled in this Spring 2019 class. The course is closed; students will be enrolled into the class by Dr. McMillan.

The course will meet on the Abington campus for classes prior to departure.


Introduce students to both theoretical and practical aspects of ethics and society with an emphasis on international differences.

Contact with a Maltese student prior to departure from U.S.

Expose students to a very vibrant and also very ancient culture and country.

Enhance students’ writing skills as well as meeting a “W” requirement for graduation.