Penn State Abington Voting

Abington votes

Penn State Abington Votes is a non-partisan program sponsored by Student Engagement & Leadership. Our goal is to promote events that encourage democracy and share resources to highlight the importance and impact of voting.

We challenge all eligible faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members to:

  • Register to vote and cast your ballot (in-person or via mail).
  • Stay engaged with voting guideline and news.
  • Share the importance of voting with friends and family. 


To help simplify this process, Penn State Abington has partnered with TurboVote. When you sign up with TurboVote, you can access everything you need to: register to vote, vote by mail, and receive reminders about local, state, and national elections.

TurboVote simplifies the voting process so that you - the voters - can focus on what’s important: the candidates and questions on the ballot. However, you must take the first step and register. Make your voice heard and play a role in shaping decisions that impact you and your community!

How Can I Get Involved with Penn State Abington Votes


Register to Vote! If you are already registered, sign up with TurboVote and inform your friends/classmates. TurboVote can help keep you in the loop to help spread the word to others. If you are interested in more responsibility, reach out to [email protected].  


Include TurboVote in your email signature. Ask students if they are registered to vote and encourage all to vote as Election Day nears. Your voice matters!


Consider promoting voting events and share the TurboVote resource in your classroom or on your syllabus. If you would like our staff to visit a class and hold a Mini-Voter Engagement Drive, reach out to us at [email protected].

Community Members

Alumni and community members can use and share TurboVote. Feel free to share this resource. Contact us at [email protected] with any ideas to engage others to vote.