Ready Set Pet

During this introduction to the field of veterinary science, campers will participate in multiple activities that will teach them basic of animal health. Activities include how to care for pets, the safety of pets, and learning how to make your very own nutritional dog biscuits. Campers will also learn about the importance of endangered animals and how we can protect them.

Camp Objectives:

  • Learning and using introductory Veterinary science language.
  • Learning how to care for pets
  • Understanding pet safety
  • Learning which foods are good and bad for our pets
  • Making our own pet treats
  • Exploring different endangered animals and what we can do today to protect them
  • Identifying careers that involve animals

*Please note: While this camp includes opportunities for hands-on learning, no live animals will be present due to safety regulations.*

Mon-Thurs, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Grade Level

Entering Grades 3 - 5

Camp Fee and Registration

Regular Registration Fee: $260


Meet Your Instructor:

Courtney Noradin

Courtney is an upcoming senior at Penn State Abington who is majoring in Early Childhood Education. This is her third year working at the summer camps. Courtney loves photography, animals and nature. She is a certified veterinary assistant and has spent over 5 years in the veterinary field. During her free time she enjoys traveling back home to Florida to see her family and friends.