Math Munchers

How many times do you use math each day?  All the TIME!   Join us for a week of hands-on fun as we engage in mathematical experiments, games, activities, puzzles, and much more.  Campers will spend the week exploring the applications of math in their everyday lives and in the world around them.  We will test the properties of matter, temperature, measurement, and volume as we learn how math is used in the kitchen, including participating in some fun mathematical snacking and sharing with friends. You can be sure to count on the week adding up to a great time! 

This camp will focus on:

  • Recording and analyzing data
  • Building problem solving and presentation skills
  • Learning how measurements and fractions are used in our everyday life.
  • Discovering everyday use of mathematical concepts like Mean, Median, and Mode 
  • Participating in hands-on activities to develop independent and group work.