Jedi Training Academy

Calling all future Jedis! Come explore the galaxy of Penn State Abington and train to become a Jedi. Throughout the week we will participate in various Star Wars games and activities to enhance and explore our knowledge of the galaxy and the force. We will be completing science activities, crafts, and even some writing! Campers will channel their favorite characters as they becomes Jedis themselves, complete with a handmade light saber. Each day of camp will focus on one step of training and by the end of the week, campers will receive a diploma as they finish Jedi Academy.

This camp focuses on:

  • Activities to enhance, explore, and deepen campers' understanding and knowledge of Star Wars
  • Participating in Jedi Training, ending in graduating with a "degree"
  • Practicing campers' writing skills through different prompts
  • Sharing thoughts and ideas in lively discussions
  • Exploring math and science skills while conducting experiments related to the galaxy and Jedis


Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Grade Level

Entering Grades 5 - 8

Camp Fee and Registration

Regular Registration Fee: $325

Meet Your Instructor:

Jenna D'Entremont

Jenna is going to be a senior at Penn State Abington. This will be her third year involved with summer camp and she is super excited to come back as a counselor again and as an instructor! Jenna is majoring in early childhood education and minoring in special education and hopes to be an elementary school teacher after graduation. She loves Penn State and cannot wait for camps to start!