Circuit Coders

Electronics and Programming Adventure!

The focus of this program is to immerse the students in the world of electronics all around them. Everything that we use in this high-tech world is a combination of components that are controlled through different processing means. With no prior coding experience, the students will explore the basics of how a computer works, as well as how parts are controlled in devices like our phones, tablets, entertainment systems and more. A combined high-level view of Python programming and Raspberry Pi Linux environment are joined in hands-on experiences for teams of students to enjoy. Once students are familiar with the environment, they will learn how to create their own circuits which they will control with the CrowPi kits used with the above exercises.

Circuit Coders Schedule 2024

Week 4 July 22-25

Ages 12-14

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.


Camp Fee 

Regular Registration Fee: $389*

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