PASSS Frequently Asked Questions

First Year PaSSS Students

Can I be considered for financial aid beyond the tuition grant and book stipend provided by Penn State?

  • Yes. Complete the 21-22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid as early as possible, and no later than June 30.

Where can I obtain additional information regarding funding for summer enrollment?

  • The Financial Aid Office at Penn State Abington can be reached via email at: [email protected] or by phone at 215-881-7600 (Option 3).

When can I begin employment through the PaSSS program?

  • Employment opportunities will be discussed during the summer program and available starting in the Fall of 2022.
    • *All employees of The Pennsylvania State University must complete a background check through First Advantage prior to employment.

May associate degree students participate in the PaSSS program?

  • Yes, both baccalaureate and associate degree students may enroll in the program.

Second Year PaSSS Students


Are there a minimum number of credits that I must enroll to be a part of the second summer of the PaSSS program?

  • To receive funding from the PaSSS program you must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits and no more twelve credits. You may enroll for less than six credits, but you will not receive PaSSS funding to assist with the cost of your tuition. You may also enroll  for more than twelve credits but funding is only available for twelve credits.

Can I take some of my courses on-line through the World Campus or at another campus to participate in the PaSSS second year program?

  • No. Since the PaSSS program is funded entirely by the PaSSS student tuition, PaSSS students must take classes through Abington.

May I take courses during either summer session and be a part of the second year PaSSS program?

  • Yes, as long as you take six or more credits during any summer session you will receive funding from the PaSSS program toward your tuition cost.

Do I have to take classes in the summer after my first year of classes in order to get funding through PaSSS?

  • No, you can utilize the funding from PaSSS in between your first and second year OR between your second and third year.

Are there required courses that I must enroll in to be a part of the second summer session of PaSSS?

  • There are not any required courses. However you should consult your academic adviser for appropriate courses that will help you make progress towards your degree.

When should I schedule my courses for summer?

On-Campus Housing

Will there be on-campus housing for PaSSS students?

  • Please reach out to the housing office for more information about options: [email protected]

Engagement Funding

What is engagement funding?

  • The Pathway to Success: Summer Start (PaSSS) Engagement Fund provides financial support to PaSSS students participating in engagement experiences that advance their academic, personal, and professional goals.  

    It's purpose is to promote student connections with Penn State by enabling their participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, such as research, student organization involvement, community leadership, internships, arts and performances, and more. 

How can I receive the engagement funding?

  • You receive it by enrolling in summer courses either between your first and second year of classes OR between your second and third year of classes.

How much engagement funding can I get?

  • You will begin your employment during the summer and have up to the end of the Spring semester to earn a total of $2,000. The pay rate for PaSSS employment is $10.00 per hour.

Academic Funding

Is other student aid for courses available?

  • Yes, please consult with staff in the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office at Penn State Abington can be reached via email at: [email protected] or by phone at 215-881-7600 (Option 3). In addition, should other student aid become available to you as a result of your participation in the PaSSS program, you will be notified by way of your Penn State email.