Delegated access now accessible in LionPATH

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With the delegated access function in LionPATH, you can grant a parent or guardian the ability to view a selection of your student data for fall 2016 and beyond. Your parent/guardian will continue to use eLion to view spring and summer 2016 student information.

In order to grant your parent/guardian the ability to view your LionPATH student information, you will need to log in to LionPATH to initiate the delegated access process. Delegation is available through the following navigation: Self Service > Student Delegation > Guardian Options. Even if you have already granted parent/guardian access in eLion, you will still need to set up delegated access in LionPATH.

You may provide delegated access in LionPATH for the following areas:

  • Financial aid
  • Grades
  • Holds
  • Class schedule
  • To-do list

At a later time, you and your parent/guardian will have the opportunity to set up delegated access to view and/or pay tuition bills. This will be a separate additional access. You will receive specific information about setting up this access in the next couple of months.

To set up delegated access, you will need your parent/guardian’s personal email address (not their Friends of Penn State account). Once you grant access, your parent/guardian will receive an email with further instructions on how to view your student data within LionPATH.

For more information on delegated access, you can view the “Setting up Delegated Access” tutorial. Visit, then select the “LionPATH Help” button.


Kimberly Tremaglio

Technical communications specialist, Project LionPATH

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