Academics + activities = best. college. experience. ever.

Group selfie

Taking a selfie break after checking out campus activities including academic/professional, sports, culture, service and philanthropy, and special interest groups.

Credit: Judy Reale

“Get involved. Join a club. Sign up for a team.”

Dave Lisowski followed the advice dispensed by parents, assorted relatives, and well-meaning neighbors from Day 1 at Penn State Abington. And guess what? They were right.

Dave, now in his second year, said the equation works like this: Academics + Activities = Best college experience ever. His latest post on the Lions Tales student blog offers insight into that winning combination and talks about the Involvement Fair and the Get Connected website -- the easiest ways to peek into the nearly 40 organizations at Abington:

When I was in elementary school my parents told me that waking up early would get easier as I got older. My parents were wrong about that, but what I’ve found out is that the older I’ve gotten, the more I look forward to my day.  

That’s the beauty of college. I’m still having trouble dragging myself out of my coma-like slumber at 7 a.m. but once I’m up, I don’t dread going to school anymore. The fact is, there's enough clubs and activities and things to do in college that you need more than just four years to do it all.

At Penn State Abington, we showcase our clubs and groups during the Involvement Fair twice a year, encouraging new and returning students to, well, “get involved”, like everyone in the world tells us to when we start college!  Stopping by and checking out all the various clubs under the gigantic tent was one of the best decisions I made freshman year and got me to participate in some awesome groups.  

All the clubs and organizations can be found at along with events taking 
place around campus. Definitely take a couple minutes and check it out.”

If you don't believe Lisowski, check out senior Stacy Wanerman's story at…

And if real students talking about real life isn't convincing enough, note this: Research shows that students who are involved are more successful academically and more satisfied with their college experience. They also are more likely to stay in school and are more marketable after graduation.

So get involved!