Abington breaks its own THON fundraising record

Abington THON moralers

Abington THON moralers lifted the spirits of the dancers.

Credit: Regina Broscius

The joyous announcement yesterday that THON 2014, Penn State’s annual dance marathon to benefit the fight against pediatric cancer, raised $13 million brings up an inevitable question: How do a bunch of college students raise that much money?

The answer: Through organizations such as Abington THON, a band of about 60 students that spent months collecting donations big and small to contribute almost $36,000 to the THON total.

Led by Matt Zeiger, Abington THON chair, the team beat their own fundraising record and ranked No. 8 among commonwealth campuses in 2014 fundraising. Abington students Katie Myers and Paige Albor danced for the full 46 hours, with the help of a full busload of moralers who helped keep them motivated, nourished and comfortable during THON.

“The Penn State students I saw this weekend will be leaders of tomorrow, and after this weekend, I am assured we are in very good hands."

            -- Gina Kaufman, Abington associate director of student affairs

Moraler Andrew Devine praised Katie and Paige on the Abington Benefitting THON Facebook page last night: “Through all the pain, fatigue and waves of emotions these two dancers stayed strong, and always showed a smile of reassurance to their family, supporters and moralers!”

Gina Kaufman, associate director of student affairs at Abington, has been the adviser to Abington THON for nine years and praised the students for their dedication.

“It’s about saving children and saving families and putting families back together,” she told the dancers and moralers before they left for University Park. “I am thankful for all you do for Penn State Abington.”

Kaufman also was in the Bryce Jordan Center for THON 2014 and in her email to the campus community, she reflected on its impact.

“The Penn State students I saw this weekend will be leaders of tomorrow and after this weekend I am assured we are in very good hands,” she said.

To find out more about Abington THON, go to https://www.facebook.com/PSUabingtonTHON.