Abington press conference reports on success of credit transfer system

Penn State Abington Chancellor Karen Wiley Sandler welcomed State Rep. Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Education Secretary Gerald Zahorchak and other higher education leaders in the Commonwealth to Penn State Abington on Thursday to update the media on the success of the statewide college credit transfer system.

The new statewide initiative is designed to maximize the number of credits students can transfer and count towards a college degree. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, thousands of college transfer students across Pennsylvania have benefited from the program since its inception, saving more than $35 million in tuition dollars by not having to retake courses.

“Our new transfer system has made college more accessible to thousands of students while helping to reduce the cost of earning a degree,” Zahorchak said. “The new system was essential because many students earn credits at multiple institutions over many years as they work toward a degree.”

“The new law has clearly worked to make college more affordable and accessible for Pennsylvania students,” said Shapiro, the author of the transfer language in Act 114. “Prior to Act 114, college credits were not fully transferable and students were often forced to retake, and pay for, classes when they changed schools.”

During the press conference Sandler recognized Shapiro’s vision and leadership in crafting the legislation and noted the University’s vital role in its success.

“Penn State’s commitment is to further student access and student success, and so we celebrate the achievements that have resulted from the statewide college transfer system, and look forward to continuing to work with Rep. Shapiro and our colleagues across the region and state to assure that all Pennsylvania students have smooth and effective transitions in their higher education,” she said.

Speaking at the press conference along with Zahorchak, Shapiro and Sandler were James D. Moran III, vice chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education; Ivory V. Nelson, president of Lincoln University; and Melisa Lee, transfer student from Montgomery County Community College to Kutztown University.

More information and a PDF document containing the full report can be found at http://www.abington.psu.edu/credit-transfer online.