'The Lion Roars' for Penn State Abington

Comcast subscribers in the greater Abington area can tune in to "The Lion Roars," a new talk show-format television series all about Penn State Abington. The shows will air every Thursday from 7 to 7:30 p.m. on Comcast Cable channel 190. A new show begins the first Thursday of each month, which is then rebroadcast each Thursday for the remainder of the month. "The Lion Roars" season starts at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 2.

September's show is hosted by Moylan C. Mills, professor emeritus of integrated arts at Penn State Abington. The focus of this first program is PennStateAbington@611 -- the college's new educational facility located on York Road -- an interactive learning, meeting and planning site that offers a convenient suburban location in Montgomery County. Learn about the genesis of this state-of-the-art facility and discover Lion Lectures, new community outreach classes which start Sept. 16.

Lion Lectures are daytime courses that cover a variety of intriguing topics: science, food and nutrition, conspiracy theories, and films by two "masters of the cinema," Billy Wilder and Martin Scorsese. The lecturers for these classes -- Abington faculty members Mike Mills, Robert Bernoff and Claire Hirshfield -- will be interviewed during the show.

For registration, contact Eva Klein at 215-881-7387 or [email protected]. Visit http://www.abington.psu.edu/lionlectures for more information.

Tune in to 'The Lion Roars' in October to hear host Karen Weaver, Penn State Abington's athletic director, feature six of the campus's fall teams: men and women's soccer, men and women's tennis and men and women's cross country. Head coaches Jose Rodriguez (cross country), David Sheaffer (tennis) and David Castellanos (soccer) will be interviewed.