Abington offers summer study abroad course for teachers

There is no better place this summer for teachers to develop cutting-edge lessons in green chemistry technology than at a leading university in one of the world's greenest cities. Ann Schmiedekamp, professor of physics Penn State Abington, is seeking 10 talented and curious teachers for a nine-day international studies course in England.

Schmiedekamp stressed that pre-service and in-service teachers are eligible to apply for “Green Chemistry for Educators: New Technologies and How to Present Them in the Classroom” at the University of Bristol in southwest England.

“The whole experience will give students a global perspective on teaching, which is just invaluable in our shrinking world,” she said of Chemistry 499c, a three-credit course. “It is completely hands-on, and we are fortunate to work with a British scientist who is an expert in atmospheric chemistry.”

Schmiedekamp spent a yearlong sabbatical at Bristol so students will have the advantage of her thorough knowledge of the university and its faculty. She also has developed an ongoing collaboration with the two Bristol faculty members whose work will be the centerpiece of the course, Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison.

Last year, Shallcross, professor of atmospheric chemistry, and Harrison, School Teacher Fellow, traveled to Abington to work with Schmiedekamp. She will travel to Bristol next month to prepare for Chemistry 499c.

The course will include lectures, lab work and visits to a perfumery, a coal mine and a science learning center as well as a free day in London. Preparatory work involving background materials and review using Bristol’s dynamic lab manual will be required.

Abington offers ongoing opportunities for overseas study, which are managed by Dolores Arevalo, coordinator of international affairs. Her office coordinates the academic and travel components of the embedded programs.

“Dr. Arevalo’s office ensures that the trips are well-planned and that everyone, even those who have never traveled abroad before, are prepared for an enjoyable learning experience,” Schmiedekamp said.

For complete information on the Green Chemistry program, go to www.abington.psu.edu/international

To learn more about Bristol, England, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEUzdBbVjh8