Interim Chancellor August: Thanks to all for perseverance and dedication

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The Sutherland Plaza at Penn State Abington.

Credit: Penn State

This year has brought about unanticipated and unimaginable changes to our lives. But through this collective experience, we have discovered new strengths. Our faculty and staff have worked tirelessly, harnessing their energy and skills to meet the needs and support the success of our students and one other. For that, I thank you. 

I am proud of the resilience I have observed among our faculty, staff, and student and proud to be part of this outstanding community. We will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

Your perseverance and dedication are appreciated, and your positive attitude during this difficult time has been nothing short of inspiring. 

I am grateful to the Penn State Abington community for rising to this challenge.

--Andrew August, interim chancellor, Penn State Abington