Abington stages first part-time career fair

Abington career fair

Janel Dia of the Penn State Abington Learning Center at the first career fair catering to students seeking part-time jobs on and off campus.

Credit: Natalie Haggard

ABINGTON, Pa. — The Penn State Abington Center for Career & Professional Development hosted its first On-Campus & Part-time Employment Fair. It coincided with the fall semester Involvement Fair so students could coordinate opportunities to join clubs and organizations with job hunting.

Tina Vance Knight, director of Career & Professional Development at Abington, led the effort.

"The goal is to help our students gain employment on campus and locally so that they aren't traveling extensively to get to their job, which has a direct impact on their coursework, ability to get involved, and retention," she said. "The ultimate goal for offering the fair is to help students persist to a degree, which an event like this will aid in that process."

Michelle Daly, Employer Engagement Coordinator in the Center for Career & Professional Development, said part-time jobs offer more than money.

"They [the students] can learn on the job," she said. "And if it's close by and convenient, it's less stressful and makes it easier to get to that end goal of their degree."

Abington career fair

Representatives from Target at the first Penn State Abington part-time career fair.

Credit: Natalie Haggard

"Our positions are very flexible and allow the student to have an income while still focusing on school. Target loves being able to help students prepare for a future either with us or in a career with their degree."

— Khadijah Jackson-Bey, Target Abington

Abington part time jobs

The first Penn State Abington part-time career fair featured employers from on and off campus.

Credit: Natalie Haggard

"We love working with the students because it's a great opportunity to mentor them for real-world jobs."

—Marie English, Penn State Abington Office of Continuing Education

Abington job fair

Karen Carli from the Penn State Abington Center for Career & Professional Development works with students.

Credit: Natalie Haggard

"We are very accomodating to school schedules. About 80 percent of our employees are part-time because they are students."

— Ellen Neff, Panera


Abington career fair

Recruiters from Trader Joe's at the Penn State Abington part-time career fair.

Credit: Natalie Haggard

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Additional reporting by Penn State Abington senior Natalie Haggard.