Scene at Abington: Stress busters

Abington stress busters

Emoji pillows = stress relief for Penn State Abington students taking a break during finals week.

Credit: Pam Brobst

Strategies for managing finals week stress at Penn State Abington include free massages, hot chocolate, and emoji pillows. The Office of Student Life organized a few hours of relaxation while Abington THON sold hot chocolate to raise money toward a cure for pediatric cancer.

Penn State Abington finals week

Sophomore Gabriel Baez radiates optimism.

Credit: Pam Brobst
THON Abington

Jocelyn Smith, Tony Toci, Shana Bowers, Megan Weiss, and Mike Toci sell hot chocolate to raise money for the Abington THON team.

Credit: Pam Brobst
Abington finals week

Nikki Arnett, just a few days before graduation. 

Credit: Pam Brobst
massage at Abington

Abington students take a break and relax with neck massages.

Credit: Pam Brobst