Stepping up to the plate: Getting the job done through positive accountability

Finding a way to solve the problems that are keeping you and your team from being as successful as you need to be.

Many of us are often not even aware of the problems or obstacles that exist.  Or, we bury our heads in the sand, play the ‘blame game’ or point the finger at someone, or something, when things aren’t working out.

These “benchwarmer” behaviors can keep us from achieving our goals and “getting a run.”

Who Should Attend?

Organizational leaders who are charged with communicating and accomplishing specific team results and who need to garner greater ownership from all their team members towards the accomplishment of those results.

Also, mixed groups of participants who need to clarify their own personal and work related goals and develop strategies toward achieving them.

Learn to:

  • Empower yourself with an understanding of the Relationship between Beliefs, Actions and Results
  • Identify and employ Proactive vs. Reactive attitudes and behaviors
  • Self assess and change your own unproductive behavior
  • Utilize the twenty specific skill sets that will you help “run around the bases”
  • Help yourself and coach others to “get off the bench”
  • Overcome obstacles and stay focused on desired results.