Program Content


Once prerequisites are completed, students will complete five courses from either track:

      Technical Writing Track        


    Business Writing/Web Track       



ENGL 202C (prereq)

ENGL 215

ART 201 or COMM 241  
ENGL 416
ENGL 418
ENGL 420

ENGL 202D (prereq)

ENGL 215

ART 201 or COMM 241
ENGL 419
ENGL 420
ENGL 480


Prerequisites (can be can be waived for students already holding a college degree and in some cases by portfolio for students with extensive practical writing experience):

ENGL 15: Rhetoric and Composition (3 credits): Instruction and practice in writing expository prose that shows sensitivity to audience and purpose.

ENGL 202C Effective Writing: Technical Writing (3 credits): Writing for students in scientific and technical disciplines.

ENGL 202D Effective Writing: Business Writing (3 credits): Writing reports and other common forms of business communication.

ENGL 215 Introduction to Article Writing
 (3 credits)
Written exercises in, and a study of, the principles of article writing; practice in the writing of specific articles.  (Course focus will be writing Web-based articles.)


ART 201 Introduction to Digital Arts: Computer Graphics (3 credits)
Art 201 introduces digital art, design, and new media concepts using graphic applications on the computer.

COMM 241 Graphic Design for Communications (3) 
Introduction to basic design principles, critical analysis of visual material, and solving graphics problems utilizing traditional and digital production tools.

ENGL 416 Science Writing (3 credits)
Prepares scientists and writers to gather, interpret, and present scientific information to the layman with clarity and accuracy.

ENGL 418 Advanced Technical Writing and Editing (3 credits)
This course teaches students how to prepare and edit professional papers for subject specialists and for others interested in careers as writers and editors.

ENGL 419 Advanced Business Writing (3 credits)
This course teaches students how to prepare and edit reports and presentations common to business, industry, and government.

ENGL 420 Writing for the Web (3 credits)
Analysis and composition of informative, persuasive, and creative Web texts, based on rhetorical principles.

ENGL 480 Communication Design for Writers (3 credits)
This course explores how visual design, non-verbal communication, and software packages can be used in professional settings to most effectively present written communication.




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