William Cromar, M.F.A.

(He, Him, His)
Associate Teaching Professor, Art
Coordinator, Penn State Abington MakerSpace
Woodland, 214

Creative Interests, Research + Innovations

My artwork, teaching, and research explore the relationship between, and integration of, digital and tactile media for meaningful artistic expression. Current studio practice and teaching includes experimentation with interdisciplinary and collaborative work strategies with international partners in Dundee, Scotland. Integrating digital projection and fabrication processes with a traditional art installation practice allows development of innovative artistic expression, while driving a research agenda focusing on democratizing access to these processes for artists. 

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newMediaWiki, an OER teaching resource
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  • Integration of digital and tactile media.
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative creative work strategies.
  • Digital fabrication.
  • Transmedia narratives.
  • Internationalization of the curriculum.

Work Featured in Print Media

Ara H. Merjian, “Learning from Fascism,” Art in America, Apr 2019

James Rogers, “Visitor Experiences at Prison Museums: Fremantle Prison, Robben Island Museum, and Eastern State Penitentiary,” The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Tourism, edited by S. Hodgkinson, J. Piché, and K. Walby. Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2017.

Work Featured on Radio, Television + Online

Peter Crimmins, “National Liberty Museum shines a light on truth,” WHYY, 12 Sep 2022, https://tinyurl.com/bdfe34uw

Ara H. Merjian, “Learning from Fascism,” Art in America, 1 Apr 2019, https://bit.ly/2WVX5KN 

Kyle Bagenstose, “Understanding NAWC Warminster groundwater contamination and its effects through art,” The Intelligencer, 13 Sep 2017, http://bit.ly/2j7WaEr

Andrea Cantor, “‘Weight of Water’ multimedia series at Fringe takes a look at state of water in our society,” Philadelphia Weekly, 30 Aug 2017, http://bit.ly/2vQFyFC

“Penn State School of Visual Arts announces new art minor,” Penn State News, 10 Aug 2017, https://bit.ly/2Q6kGGc

Rich Johnstone, “For Those People Who Say San Diego Comic-Con Isn’t About The Comics Anymore…,” Bleeding Cool, 10 Jul 2017, https://bit.ly/2VtgP72 

M.F.A. Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA
B.Arch. Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg VA

“Steampunk Carnival,” Being Human Festival, facilitator, Dundee Scotland, 19 Nov

“GTMO,” An Evening at Eastern State Penitentiary, presenter, American Association for State and Local History Annual Conference, Philadelphia PA, 29 Aug

“International Collaborative TransMedia Narrative Comics II,” Comics Arts Conference #4: International Issues, panelist, Comics Arts Conference at San Diego Comic-Con International, San Diego CA, 22 Jul

“International Collaborative TransMedia Narrative Comics,” Comics Arts Conference  #1: International Issues, panelist, Comics Arts Conference at San Diego Comic-Con International, San Diego CA, 20 Jul

“Transmedia Narratives,” lecture/presentation, San Diego State University, San Diego CA, 21 Jul

la trahison des signes, multimedia installation, National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia PA — https://www.libertymuseum.org/show-item/truth/

Subversion, DaVinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia PA (group show, Alice Oh, juror)

memerememberme, web installation, Fringe Festival, Philadelphia PA — https://fringearts.com/event/memerememberme/

OUT OF SITE, DesignPhiladelphia, Twenty-Two Gallery, Philadelphia PA 
 (a TangenT joinT) (group show with TangenT ArT CollaboraTive, Haikes + Heit, curators) — https://www.designphiladelphia.org/out-site

Weight of Water, multimedia installation, Cellini Gallery, Ambler PA (with TangenT ArT CollaboraTive)

Weight of Water, web installation, Fringe Festival, Philadelphia PA (with TangenT ArT CollaboraTive) — http://fringearts.com/event/weight-of-water/

ART 102 • Beginning CAD for Artists (GA)
DART 202 • Introduction to Digital Arts: Computer Graphics
DART 303 • Computer 3D Modeling, Rendering and Animation
DART 304 • New Media Art: New Media Studio
DART 410 • Integrating Media: Convergence in Practice