Teri L. Dodaro

(She, Her, Hers)
Assistant Teaching Professor, Early Childhood/Elementary Education
Field Experience Coordinator, Early Childhood/Elementary Education
Sutherland, 310A

Teri Dodaro is an experienced K-6 educator with over 25 years of distinguished teaching experience. She currently serves as a student teaching supervisor/coordinator, as well as teaching courses that support practicum experiences. Teri is committed to developing strong partnerships with local school districts, working tirelessly to establish mutually beneficial relationships. She offers professional development opportunities to school partners and collaborates closely with principals to foster a strong relationship between elementary schools and Penn State Abington. 

Mentorship for novice teachers: My interests focus on mentorship programs for novice teachers. Specifically, I investigate how mentorship can support new teachers in their professional growth, build their confidence, and increase their job satisfaction. My goal is to identify effective mentorship practices that can help novice teachers succeed in the classroom.

Strengthening teacher preparation programs: I am also interested in the redesign of teacher preparation programs. I believe that these programs play a crucial role in preparing future teachers for the diverse and complex needs of today's students. My work focuses on identifying effective teacher preparation practices that can help ensure that future teachers have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to succeed in the classroom.

 MST in Elementary Education K-6, Fordham University
 B.A. in Psychology, Penn State University

CI 495A Clinical Application of Instruction - PK-4
CI 495 D Practicum in Student Teaching--Childhood and Early Adolescent Education
CI 495 F Professional Development Practicum
CI 295 Introductory Field Experience for Teacher Preparation
CI 405: Strategies in Classroom Management
ECE 479: The Young Child's Play as Educative Processes
ECE 353: Parent Involvement in Home, Center, and Classroom Instruction
PSU 1 First-Year Seminar Abington