Rosa Maria Chism, M.A.

Rosa-Maria Chism headshot
Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish
Coordinator of World Languages and Language Testing and Certification, Penn State Abington
Sutherland, 313
Phone: On-campus Microsoft Teams Calling

Brief Insight

I have taught all levels available at Abington Campus (Spanish 001, 002, 003, 010 and 020, Spanish 120 and independent studies). My students come from all different majors. 

I have been a member of different committees, including the faculty senate, and I get involved as much as I can in different activities on campus. I have also attended several professional development conferences and workshops that have helped me better myself as an instructor and as a professional.  

I enjoy being part of the student's activities outside of the classroom such as mentor for the I Am First Program, coach for the Coaching Program, and the adviser for LSO (Latinx Student Organization) 

I am the Coordinator of World Languages and Language Testing and Certification at PSA (Penn State University of Abington). 

I have always been interested in education and the tools it takes to make sure students have a solid foundation. I believe that as an instructor I am always shaping the minds of future leaders and that I can always create a positive impact in their education. 

Teaching Interests and Courses Taught

Spanish 010 Basic and intermediate Spanish (Equivalent of Spanish 001 and half of Spanish 002)
Spanish 020 Basic and intermediate Spanish (Equivalent of half of Spanish 002 and Spanish 003)
Spanish 001 Basic Spanish
Spanish 002 Basic Spanish
Spanish 003 Intermediate Spanish

Selected awards

Outstanding Teaching Award, 2006
Outstanding Advising Award, 2007
Nominated for Outstanding Service Award, 2009

Teaching of Languages. The classroom has always been my favorite place and my main interest. Teaching gives me the opportunity to be part of my students' growth in education. When they learn the Spanish language, they are also exposed to the culture and embrace other differences. At the end of each semester, I feel that I have provided a key piece in their education.

B.A. (1982) English/Applied Linguistics, Universidad Nacional, Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City

M.A.(1988) Spanish/Applied Linguistics, Temple University, Philadelphia PA