Hae-Won Kim, Ph.D.

hae-won kim
Associate Professor of Chemistry
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Woodland, 315

    Courses Taught

    General Chemistry: Chem 110, Chem 111, Chem 112, Chem 113
    Special Problems and Research: Chem 294
    Teacher assistance Training Course: Chem 395

    Research Interests

    My research focuses on several topics: group theoretical applications for symmetrical molecules in spectroscopy, potential energy surface studies of inversion rotation of small molecules, and Monte Carlo techniques in simulations and quantum chemistry.


    Selected Publications

    M. De Rosa, H.-W. Kim, "Global Electrophilicity Study of the Reaction of Pyrroles with N-halo Compounds and the Rate-Determining Step," Int. J. Chem. 5, 86-92 (2013).

    H-W Kim, K. Sohlberg, "A Probabilistic Method of Characterizing Transit Times for Quantum Particles in Non-Stationary States," J. of Modern Physics 4, 1080-1090 (2013).

    C. Lee, G. Maeng, H-W Kim and K. Sohlberg, "Quantum Mechanical Modeling of a Tripodal rotaxane on a TiO2 Nanoparticle," Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, 966, 180-185 (2011).

    H-W Kim, M. K. Patel*, D. Zeroka, "Infrared spectra prediction and potential energy surface studies of methylarsine and methylstibine," Spectrochimica Acta Part A: (Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy) 73, 730-737 (2009).

    H-W Kim, D. Zeroka, "Internal-Rotation and Inversion Potential Energy Surfaces for Methylamine and Methylphosphine," Int. J. Quantum Chem. 108, 974-982 (2008).

    H-W Kim, A. A. Chechla*, B. Kim*, "Potential Energy Distribution Study of Infrared Frequencies of Methylamine and Methylphosphine," J. Molec. Struct. THEOCHEM, 802 105-110 (2007).

    H-W Kim, D. Zeroka, Trans-ethylphosphine and Selected Deuterated Isotopomers: Prediction of Infrared Spectra and Potential Energy Distribution Determination, J. Molec. Struct. THEOCHEM, 715, 21-31 (2005).

    *Research with Abington College undergraduate students


    Postdoctoral Research Fellow: University of Virginia Charlottesville VA

    Ph.D. Chemistry: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA
    B.S. Chemistry: University of Louisville, Louisville KY