Charles John Paetsch

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Instructor, Health Humanities
Penn State Abington
1600 Woodland Road
Abington, PA 19001

 For the last 20 years I've oscillated (for obscure reasons) between Philadelphia and Athens, GA. In Athens I've cultivated my philosophical side, in Philadelphia my poetic side (though the two are (alas!) inseparable). I spend my time teaching, caring for my kids, cooking, cycling, hiking, and sometimes writing. I've become obsessed recently with alpinism, to everyone's dismay.

Continental Philosophy (especially Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson), Contemporary Aesthetic Theory, Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Mathematics, Modern Philosophy (especially Leibniz, Spinoza, and Kant), Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Philosophy of Physics (especially analytical mechanics), Lucretius, anything anomalous. 

Dissonant Harmonics (forthcoming); The Enchantment of the Virtual (as translator); various books of poetry

 Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Georgia
 M.L.A. with a focus in Contemporary Poetics, University of Pennsylvania
 B.A. in Philosophy, University of Georgia

"The Noise of Time" (Deleuze and Guattari Studies)

"Illicit Continuities" (Deleuze and Guattari Studies)

BIOET 110N: Bioethics: Health, Illness, and the Human Condition