Penn State Abington Coronavirus FAQ

This page is intended to answer frequently asked questions regarding Penn State Abington's coronavirus response and preparedness. For a comprehensive FAQ that addresses university-wide questions, please visit the Penn State Student, Employee, and Community FAQ

Frequently asked questions:


Campus community:

What should I do if I feel sick? 

Penn State Abington students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should begin the screening process for coronavirus over the phone by calling Campus Nurse Michele Scott RN at 215-881-7350. Penn State urges faculty and staff to contact their health care provider immediately if they have respiratory symptoms with a fever and have recently traveled or think they have been exposed to COVID-19.

How can I get in touch with staff from Global Programs while the college is under remote instruction?

We will be available to all of our students, faculty and staff during our normal business hours via our phone and email. We will also make Zoom appointments (video or phone meetings) available as well. Please use the following contact information: (Email: [email protected] & Phone: 215-881-7477)