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Philosophy is the oldest of the liberal arts, and is often defined simply as the love of wisdom.

The minor provides opportunities to study fundamental issues that confront all people, such as ethics, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, epistemology, philosophy of science, and logic.

The Philosophy minor is designed for students who desire a background in Philosophy while majoring in another field. Students from many disciplines pursue Philosophy minors, including English, History, Psychology, Science, Business, and others.


18 credits in PHIL or related classes are required, including six at the 200 level and six at the 400 level.


PHIL 1 Big Questions [GH]
PHIL 2 Politics and Social Theory [GH]
PHIL 4 The Human Condition [GH]
PHIL 7 Asian Philosophy [GH; IL]
PHIL 12 Symbolic Logic [GQ]
PHIL 102 Existentialism [GH]
PHIL 103 or 103W Intro to Ethics [GH]
PHIL 132 or RLST 131 Bioethics [GH]
PHIL 204 Twentieth Century Phil [GH]
PHIL 208 Contemporary Phil [GH]
PHIL 296/496 ACURA project or independent study
PHIL 408W Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 441 Capstone Course
PHIL 439 Asian Philosophy [IL]
PHIL 458 Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 496 Independent Study or ACURA


See University Bulletin for more information.