An Interview with Timothy Leh

Supply Chain Management Instructor, Timothy H. Leh, C.P.S.M., C.P.M., MBA:

I truly believe whether it is manufacturing or the service sector and whether large or small, companies today focusing on marketing and sales must equally focus on how efficient and effective their supply chains are, not only to improve their profitability but to grow their respective businesses.   

Who would you say could benefit from this certificate program? 

This certificate program can benefit managers as well as non-managers.  The program touches all aspects of the supply chain management process.  From a Chief Purchasing Officer who wants to learn the latest and greatest terms, concepts, techniques, and strategies in supply chain management to the analysts who wish to advance their career as well as contribute to their company's growth and profitability, this certificate program has relevant application.  The supply chain process is constantly changing and if we are practitioners of the profession, certificate programs are an excellent way to keep pace with the change.

How could this certificate program help someone advance their career?

This certificate program will help supply chain professionals take charge of their career, and surveys have shown those with professional certifications report higher annual compensation than those without.   In additional to one's career advancement, individuals participating in this certificate program along with preparing to pass the CPSM® exam will master the various terms, concepts, techniques, and strategies, that embody the entire supply chain process.  In addition, this certificate program will help the supply chain professional implement the necessary supply chain strategies to improve the various processes and bottom line throughout their entire organization. 

What made you want to offer this type of program?'I strongly believe that certification programs can enhance one's career along with impacting the profitability of their own organization.   I have a strong desire to give back and share my experiences and knowledge in supply chain to help others grow and prosper along with contributing to their company's profitability.

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