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Connect. Grow. Succeed.

Whether you take small steps or a giant leap into college life, you have a partner in the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL).
By: Regina Broscius
Research shows involvement is tied to success and happiness in college, and it makes you more marketable to employers and graduate schools. Find out how to Connect, Grow, and Succeed at Penn State Abington.

The SEAL staff will help you develop your talents — including the ones you don't know you have —and mentor, train, and transform you into an active citizen on campus and in the world.     

Spring fest campus traditions

Clubs and organizations are home to other students with interests similar to yours.

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Abington students will tell you again and again: Get involved! Meet students who share your interests in groups representing academic, service, athletics, religious, and cultural organizations.

Read The Toilet Paper, the weekly newsletter posted in the — well, you can figure that out by its name, The Toilet Paper. It gives you the latest updates on events and meetings. Remember: Most organizations welcome members throughout the year. If you miss the Involvement Fair on Wednesday and Thursday this week in Lares or want even more information, go to Get Connected

Head to the Intersection in the Lares Union Building. Hang out, laugh long and loud at a comedian, or play a game. You can find the schedule of performers in, you guessed it, The Toilet Paper or in emails from SEAL. Don't have anyone to go with you? Just show up! It's an intimate space so it's easy to talk to people, and there's always a SEAL student worker there to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

Living in the residence hall, The Lions Gate? In addition to on campus events and meetings, there are more options at The Lions Gate! Keep an eye out for announcements and check with your Resident Assistant (RA) for updates.


THON Abington

Abington's THON organization raises money for children battling pediatric cancer and sends dancers to Penn State's iconic THON each year.

Credit: Maria Narodetsky


THON, Alternative Spring Break, Student Government Association, Community Outreach Workers (COW). These are a few service organizations at Abington. You can engage with new communities while learning and applying skills for the good of the world.

Apply to attend a retreat or workshop or take on a leadership role in an organization. SEAL staff can help train you for leadership roles or you can apply to attend retreats or workshops. Share your goals and talents with the SEAL staff, and they can help you develop into the person you aspire to be. 

Abington student leaders

Leadership and scholarship are bound together at Penn State Abington. 

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SEAL staff works to help define what success means to you and develop a plan to reach your full potential. It's like a complicated puzzle, but the experienced SEAL staff work with you to discover the answers.

Employment opportunities on campus, awards, and developing your professional skills by collaborating with the Abington Center for Career & Professional Development are some of the options that are available.

Melissa Aguilar successfully combined academics with an active life on campus. 

"it was the soft skills from extracurricular activities and being THON chair and working with different clubs that really helped me to be a high achiever," Aguilar, who earned her master's degree from Columbia University, said.

Campus Life at Penn State Abington

Campus Life at Abington integrates academics with Student Engagement & Leadership; housing; the Center for Career & Professional Development; Health & Wellness; the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; athletics; and international students.