Lean Six Sigma Certification Program

Lean Six Sigma Program Overview

Lean Six Sigma is a fundamental for continuous improvement in any service industry, technology group, health care sector, office environment, or manufacturing business. This is a three-course certification program that blends classroom experience with hands-on activities to give participants a series of tools that can be applied immediately in their workplace environment, such as:

  • Improving services, products, and offerings
  • Process improvement
  • Information flow
  • Quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Eliminating waste
  • Value stream improvement
  • Team work and time management
  • Competitive advantage
  • Market growth
  • Business profitability

All classes are taught by practicing professionals who have prestigious certifications, subject expertise, and a wealth of real-world experience, ensuring you’ll learn important, hands-on lessons.

Lean Six Sigma Program Scope and Sequence

A Penn State University certification is awarded upon completion of the three required courses. Courses must be taken in sequence and cannot be taken concurrently. You’re required to conduct a continuous Lean Six Sigma project through the three-course program; it’s suggested your project be sponsored through your place of work, except as explicitly authorized by our instructors. At the end of both of the first two courses, a practice comprehension exam will be given to prepare you for the final certification exam that will be administered at the end of the third course.

Participants not wishing to take the entire sequence are welcome to take any course that interests them pending prerequisite knowledge and consultation with an instructor.

Why Pursue Certification

Lean Six Sigma methodologies can be applied across many industries including manufacturing, supply chain, finance, healthcare, engineering, construction and more. The Penn State University Lean Six Sigma certification helps in validating professionals who can use these tools and techniques to improve production processes, identify risks, eliminate defects by removing them, and guarantee quality.

Another key focus of this program is to focus on creating financial returns that are quantifiable and measurable, building a stronger management team intent on rectifying wastes, and replacing assumptions with statistical methods and data, regardless of industry.

Earning a Lean Six Sigma Certification usually requires individuals to have a certain level of experience and attest their proficiency. Individuals who earn their Lean Six Sigma certification increase their value as employees to current and potential employers.

The Penn State Lean Six Sigma Certification can also help you become a specialist in process improvement and will enhance your credibility within the workplace.

Students are not required to hold any previous Six Sigma training to enroll.

Who Should Attend Lean Six Sigma Certification

Each of these courses offers in-depth training on specific topics of Lean Six Sigma and are targeted toward team members who currently, or soon will be, responsible for making improvements in products, services, and business processes, in addition to students who will be responsible for implementing continuous process improvement processes and projects within their organization.

Lean Six Sigma Program Objectives

This three-course program will provide you with the tools necessary to better position your company or organization to exceed your customers’ expectations in the areas of improving services, product offerings, process improvement, employee engagement, quality, on-time delivery, eliminating waste, competitive advantage, and business profitability.

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded based on a standard of one unit per ten (10) hours of classroom contact.

The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.

Customized Programs

Companies and organizations can have this program conducted at Penn State Abington or elsewhere. Program content can be customized to meet the needs of the company. Email [email protected] for more information.