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CAPS Statement Regarding Remote Learning Period




Penn State Abington’s Counseling & Psychological Services is offering telepsychology through a HIPAA compliant Zoom platform.

First Appointments and Screenings



CAPS is offering students first appointment screenings via telepsychology (videoconferencing via Zoom or telephone). Most students are scheduled for their initial screening within 48 business hours of emailing [email protected]

During the first appointment, we will work with you to evaluate your needs and assist you in making a plan (i.e. additional session(s), referral to services in your community, referral to other resources, connection with another campus department that may be helpful, or a combination of these).


Prior to attending an initial appointment, you will be sent a link and password to a secure web portal to fill out an “intake packet” which will be transmitted to the therapist you are scheduled to meet with. This packet includes the PENN STATE ABINGTON INFORMED CONSENT, the HIPAA NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES, and the PENN STATE ABINGTON TELEPSYCHOLOGY INFORMED CONSENT

If you are currently living out of state, CAPS will not be able to offer you telepsychology services unless you are in a state from which we have already secured permission, or unless we are able to gain permission from your state moving forward. This can often take some time (usually weeks to a month) and some states may not allow interstate mental health services.

If telepsychology services are not possible, the CAPS Director or the Campus Case Manager Mary Ellen Glick will make sure that you are connected to resources in your area or to other departments on campus that may be able to provide you help.



Teletherapy (Via Zoom Videoconferencing)

If your screening outcome is a referral for individual therapy at CAPS, the clinician that you met with will work with you to schedule your appointments. Individual therapy is limited to eight sessions that are typically scheduled for 50 minutes and often occur weekly or bi-weekly. It is possible that there may be a wait for this service.


Group Therapy


If you are interested in group therapy and are a current client with CAPS you and your therapist can discuss whether or not the group is a good fit for you. If it is you will fill out a GROUP THERAPY PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT prior to attending the group.

If you are new to CAPS and are interested in joining group therapy you will attend an initial screening appointment to determine if the group is a good fit for you. In preparation for this appointment, you will be sent a link and password to a secure web portal to fill out an “intake packet” which will be transmitted to the therapist you are scheduled to meet with for your screening. If it is decided that the group is a good fit, you will also fill out the GROUP THERAPY PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT in the secure web portal.

Mental Health Emergencies


If you have a mental health emergency, you are NEVER alone.

The PENN STATE CRISIS LINE: 1-877-229-6400 is available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week no matter where you are located. This Crisis Line is staffed by licensed mental health therapists that can help you during a mental health crisis. They also have access to local resources and can help you get connected.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY MOBILE CRISIS: 1-855-634-HOPE (4673) is also available to you 24/7 to help you through any mental health emergency. If you are not located in Montgomery County, they will connect you to the local mobile crisis in your area.

Also, in any mental health emergency, you can always CALL 911 OR GO TO YOUR NEAREST HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM.