Beth Montemurro, Ph.D.

Beth Montemurro
Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Psychological and Social Sciences
Woodland, 236d


2009-2011 Career Development Professorship, Penn State University
2008 Outstanding Teacher Award, Penn State University, Abington
2015 Outstanding Scholar Award, Penn State University, Abington

Sexuality and Aging, Gender and Sexuality, Culture, Qualitative Methodology,
Weddings and Marriage, Popular Culture, Symbolic Interaction.

Selected Publications List

2022 Montemurro, Beth. "Getting It, Having It, Keeping It Up: Straight Men's Sexuality in Public and Private." New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.

2021 Montemurro, Beth. “If You Could Just See Me: The Construction of Heterosexual Men’s Sexual Selves and the Hierarchy of Desirability.” Sexualities v. 24 no. 3 pp. 303–321.

2019 Montemurro, Beth and Christina Riehman-Murphy. “Ready and Waiting: Heterosexual Men’s Discourses on Decision Making in Initiation of Sexual Intimacy.” Men and Masculinities.

2018 Montemurro, Beth and Lisa Chewning. “Aging ‘Hot’: Images and Narratives of Sexual Desirability on Television.” Sexuality & Culture.

2018 Montemurro, Beth and Lisa Chewning. “Unscripted: Exploring Representations of Older Un-Partnered Women’s Sexuality.” Journal of Women and Aging 30 (2).

2018 Montemurro, Beth. "“The Way That I Look at Things [Is] Different Because It’s Me”: Constructing and Deconstructing Narratives about Racialized Sexual Selves." Symbolic Interaction. 41(1): 83-99.

2016 Chewning, Lisa and Beth Montemurro. “The Structure of Support: Mapping Network Evolution in an Online Support Group.” Computers in Human Behavior 64: 355-365.

2016 Montemurro, Beth. “Having Sex.” In Popular Culture as Everyday Life, edited by Phillip Vannini and Dennis D. Waskul, Routledge.  

2015 Brianna Bland* and Beth Montemurro. “The Effects of Watching Real Housewives of Atlanta on Attitudes about Sexuality and Relationships.” Journal of Black Sexuality & Relationships 2(1):35-58.

2015 Montemurro, Beth and Jacob A. Benfield. “Hung Out to Dry: Use and Consequences of Disparagement Humor on American Idol.” International Journal of Humor Research 28(2): 229-252.

2015 Montemurro, Beth, Jennifer Bartasavich* and Leann Wintermute.* “Let’s (Not) Talk about Sex: Factors that Promote or Inhibit Women’s Discussion of Sexuality.” Sexuality & Culture 19(1): 139-156.

2014 Beth Montemurro. Deserving Desire: Women’s Stories of Sexual Evolution. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press

2014 Beth Montemurro. “Getting Married, Breaking Up and Making Up for Lost Time: Relationship Transitions as Turning Points in Women’s Sexuality.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 43(1): 63-93.

2014 Beth Montemurro and Jenna Marie Siefken.* “Cougars on the Prowl? Perceptions of Older Women’s Sexuality.” Journal of Aging Studies 28(1): 35-43.

2013 Beth Montemurro and Meghan M. Gillen. “How Clothes Make the Woman Immoral: Impressions Given Off by Sexualized Clothing.” Clothing and Textiles Research Journal 31 (3): 167-181.

2013 Beth Montemurro and Meghan Gillen. “Wrinkles and Sagging Flesh:  Exploring how Transformations in Body Image Influence Women’s Sexuality.” Journal of Women and Aging 25(1): 3-23.

2012 Beth Montemurro and Jenna Marie Siefken.* “MILFs and Matrons: Images and Realities of Mothers’ Sexuality.” Sexuality & Culture. 16(4): 366-388.

2007 Beth Montemurro. Toward a Sociology of Reality Television. Sociology Compass 1: 1-23.

2006 Beth Montemurro. Something Old, Something Bold: Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

*undergraduate student co-author

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Georgia, 2001
M.A. Sociology, University of Georgia, 1998
B.A. Sociology, Manhattan College, 1994

SOC 005 (Social Problems)
SOC 110 (Sociology of Gender)
SOC 471 (Qualitative Methods)
SOC 497 (Sociology of Sexuality)