Majors at Abington

Penn State Abington offers a variety of four- and two-year degrees.


The Bachelor of Science in Accounting (ACCAB) prepares students for careers in corporate and business accounting, auditing and public accounting, industrial and managerial accounting, and in governmental and not-for-profit accounting. more info

American Studies

Students explore American culture from multiple perspectives to develop high-level speaking, writing, and analytic abilities. more info and contacts


Art majors are prepared for professional careers or continuing graduate study in fine art, graphic design, industrial design, architecture, fashion, and other visual disciplines. more info and contacts

Biology (Genetics, Vertebrate Physiology)

  • Genetics and Developmental Biology Option prepares students for careers in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry and graduate study in cellular and molecular biology and related areas. more info and contacts
  • Vertebrate Physiology Option prepares students for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and graduate study in biomedical research. more info and contacts


Students can focus their degree on a key business sector through the choice of an 18-credit option. more info and contacts

  • Accounting
  • Financial Services
  • Health Services
  • Management/Marketing
  • Individualized Course of Study

Childhood and Early Adolescent Education

This program, as with all Penn State undergraduate teacher education programs, is designed to provide students with experiences necessary to become certified teachers. more info and contacts

Corporate Communication

Corporate communicators know how to craft the right message and send it to the right audience at the right time. more info and contacts

Criminal Justice

This major includes study in law enforcement, courts and corrections individually and as components of a system, plus work in theories of crime causation, and crime control policy. more info and contacts


The English major provides highly marketable skills in critical thinking, writing, reading, and in analyzing and synthesizing texts. more info and contacts

General Engineering

The General Engineering degree with Multidisciplinary Engineering Design option (GE-MED) incorporates advanced course work in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and engineering design to produce innovative engineers specialized in systems design and integration. more info and contacts


Our faculty is involved in research on a wide geographic and temporal range, from ancient to modern times. more info and contacts

Information Sciences & Technology (IST)

Curriculum emphasizes the integration of computers, the internet and related cutting edge technologies to solve complex problems in a wide variety of organizations and institutions. Internship allows students to gain practical, real-world job experience prior to graduation. more info and contacts

Integrative Arts

Students may integrate several areas of the arts, such as theater, music, film, or the visual arts, or combine one or more arts areas with other disciplines such as business, English, history, psychology, or sociology. more info and contacts

Letters, Arts & Sciences

Graduates of this program are well prepared to enter careers or succeed in graduate programs in humanities and the social sciences. more info and contacts

Nursing (RN to B.S.)

A program for nurses who have previously earned either an associate degree or a diploma in nursing. more info and contacts

Psychological & Social Sciences (B.A., B.S.)

Choose our B.A. or B.S. option, both of which require an internship to emphasize the application of classroom knowledge to real-world settings. more info

Rehabilitation & Human Services

The RHS major trains students interested in improving quality of life for persons impacted by disabilities. more info and contacts

Science (Life Science, General Science)

In addition to core courses in mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, and biology, students can choose from two options:

  • the Life Science Option
  • the General Science Option
  • the Mathematical Sciences Option available Fall 2015

more info and contacts