General Summer Camp Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Who's ready for summer!

As the manager of Penn State Abington Kids and Teen College, I want to thank all of the new and returning families for joining us this past summer on campus. Our 2015 camp schedule is available by viewing the Calendar of Camps. Registration is now open for the summer season.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our summer camps.  Our staff is dedicated to providing an educational and fun summer camp experience for your child.

Every year we strive to improve and provide the best possible programs in the safest environment. We review our camp’s policies and procedures annually, and institute any necessary changes to better ensure the wellbeing of our campers. Below I have outlined some of the measures we take to ensure that all students have an enjoyable and safe camp experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our camps and our campus procedures.  The camp office is located in the Office of Continuing Education, in the cloverly building on campus, 215-881-7400.  My direct number is 215-881-7339, or you can email me at

With regards,

Deanna Bosley


All camps are located on our beautifully wooded Penn State Abington campus located in Montgomery County in Abington, PA. Directions

Camp Staff

Staff instructors are a mix of University faculty members and University approved local school teachers. Our team of counselors/camp assistants consists of current Penn State students. Counseling staff must be 18 years or older.

Instructor/counselor to camper ratio - Average 1:8

Average camp size is between 12 to 24 students. Each camp has one teaching-certified instructor and 2 to 3 counselors. The number of counselors assigned to each camp will depend on the enrollment and needs for each camp.

All instructors and counselors receive training and information about their responsibilities and expectations; campus policies, procedures, and enforcement; appropriate crisis/emergency responses and reporting procedures; safety and security procedures; and confidentiality issues involving minors. All camp instructors and counselors are required to pass reference and background checks, including a Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Check.


Counselors and staff members supervise campers throughout their entire day on campus.

All campers and students on campus who are under the age of 18 are considered minors. All camp staff adhere to University policies outlining appropriate supervision of minors involved in University-sponsored programs.  Policies can be made available upon request.

During the day, campers are escorted and supervised to and from all destinations. Counselors and adult camp staff are responsible for the supervision of campers during the entire lunch hour. Campers are not permitted to leave their camp area and/or classroom buildings without supervision by instructors and/or counselors. Additionally, campers are not allowed to leave the campus for any reason without written permission from their parents/guardians.

For additional information about Penn State University's Youth Program policies, click here:  Information for Parents

Registration Procedures

For specific information about registration procedures, click here:  Camp Registration

For assistance with course registration, please contact the Office for Outreach Non-credit Registration at 814-867-4973.
For general questions about the summer camp program, please call the Office of Continuing Education at 215-881-7400.

Camp Hours
Most camps meet Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please check each specific camp description for hours.

Camp Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Camps begin at 9:00 a.m. Drop-off and pick-up takes place in the various camp classrooms. We recommend that campers get dropped off a few minutes before 9:00 a.m.  We do not offer before and after care for campers.


Parents/guardians of minors are required to “sign-in” each camper at the start of each day and “sign-out” their children at the end of each camp day. Parents/guardians must list on the program registration form all individuals authorized to pick up camper from the program. Minors will not be released to anyone not designated by parent/guardian.  Persons picking up campers will be required to show ID on the first day of camp.

**Early Pick Up

Parents/guardians who need to pick up students before the designated end time of camp must provide a signed note stating the time of pick up and who will be picking up the student. During early pick up, a parent/guardian will be required to sign out and pick up the student directly from their camp classroom.


**Late Drop Off

Campers arriving late to camp should report directly to the camp classroom and sign their students in with the counselor. Parents arriving late should notify the camp office at 215-881-7400 to find out the location of the classroom.



Please call 215-881-7400 if your child is not able to attend class due to illness or any other circumstance.


Contacting Your Child During Camp

If you need to contact your child for any reason during the camp day, please contact the Continuing Education/Camp office at 215-881-7400.


Summer Camp Safety/First Aid/Emergencies

Protecting our campers is our number one priority on campus. That means being ready for the unexpected. We are continually reassessing our safety practices to ensure an enjoyable experience by all.

All classrooms are equipped with basic first aid kits and the camp staff is trained in basic first aid procedures. During any issue involving injury, parents/guardians will be notified immediately. Penn State Abington does not have a nurse on campus during the summer, however all campus security officers as well as numerous campus officials are first aid/CPR/AED trained and certified. Our campus is located less than a mile from Abington Memorial Hospital.

In the event of an illness or injury that would require more extensive evaluation, every reasonable attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian.

Please note that The Pennsylvania State University does not provide medical insurance to cover emergency care or medical treatment of your child.

Parents/guardians may sign up for emergency alerts via social media at PSUAlert.


Penn State Abington program officials are not permitted to administer any topical or oral substances to students, including topical antibiotic creams, sunscreens and insect repellents.

Penn State Abington program officials may dispense over-the-counter or prescription medications to participants under the following conditions:

  • Parents/Guardians must provide written permission and instructions for any medications taken during the program by any student under the age of 18.
  • The student’s family must provide the medicine in its original pharmacy container labeled with the student’s name, medicine name, dosage and timing of consumption.
  • Over-the-counter medications must be provided in their manufacturers’ container. 
  • Staff will keep the medicine in a secure location, and at the appropriate time for distribution shall meet with the camper. 
  • Staff members will allow the camper to self-administer the appropriate dose as shown on the container.
  • If a camper is not able to self administer medication, then arrangements for the administration of any medicine must be coordinated between staff and parents/guardians.
  • Personal “epi” pens and inhalers may be carried by the student during all camp activities.

Parents/Guardians of students with severe allergies are required to complete a Youth Medical Form. A copy of this plan will remain with the student’s counselor and instructor at all times.

Special Accommodations and Special Needs

Penn State encourages qualified individuals with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. Information involving special accommodations must be received by our office in writing at least one month prior to the start of the program for which you are registering your child. This information will be kept confidential and revealed only to the necessary staff and health professionals. Parents are encouraged to share any special issues that the program director and instructors should be aware of (diet restrictions, learning challenges, behavioral challenges, etc.)

Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to be respectful and courteous to one another and all staff members, participate fully in the camp program, observe the camp rules, and respect the campus facilities. Program participants and staff are expected to abide by all University regulations and may be removed from the program for non-compliance of rules. Students must allow abide by the following program rules:

  1. The possession or use of alcohol and other drugs, fireworks, guns and other weapons is prohibited.
  2. The operation of a motor vehicle by minors is prohibited while attending and participating in the program.
  3. Rules and procedures governing when and under what circumstances participants may leave University property during the program.
  4. No violence, including sexual abuse or harassment, will be tolerated.
  5. Hazing of any kind is prohibited. Bullying including verbal, physical, and cyber bullying are prohibited.
  6. No theft or use of tobacco products (smoking is prohibited in all University buildings) will be tolerated.
  7. Misuse or damage of University property is prohibited. Charges will be assessed against those participants who are responsible for damage or misusing University property.
  8. The inappropriate use of cameras, imaging, and digital devices is prohibited including use of such devices in showers, restrooms, or other areas where privacy is expected by participants.

Behavioral problems will be handled as follows -

· First Incident - Warning and discussion with student

· Second Incident - Discussion with parent/guardian

· Third Incident - Student will be withdrawn from the program and the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up the child immediately. No refund will be given.


Students have the option of bringing a brown bag lunch or purchasing a lunch in our cafeteria. The campus cafeteria offers a wide selection of items, including many healthy options for students.   

A Campus Cafe pre-pay lunch meal plan is available for summer campers.  Details about the pre-pay plan will be emailed to parents a week before the start of each camp. 

Instructors and counselors are on hand during the lunch hour to assist and supervise. Snacks are not provided during the morning or afternoon segments of camp. If needed, students are welcome to bring their own snacks. Students should bring water bottles each day.


Enrollment is limited in all of our camps to ensure a quality learning experience for everyone involved. We encourage you to register early.

Camp Cancellation

The University reserves the right to cancel or postpone any camp due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. If a camp is cancelled by the univeristy, registrants will be notified immediately and registration fee refunds will be processed.


If you need to cancel or withdraw from a camp, please notify our office five days prior to the first day of camp.  All cancellations and withdrawals are subject to a $35 processing fee per camp per child.  No refunds will be given after a camp begins.  Please call 215-881-7400.



Deanna Bosley
Deanna Bosley