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NEW Programs


Excellence in Supply Chain Design and Operation

Merit’s Excellence in Supply Chain Design and Operation workshop engages participants through computer simulations, game play, team exercises and case studies that reveal the critical factors one must consider when designing and operating a responsive, high performance, world-class supply chain.


Pharmacy Technician

Penn State Abington’s Pharmacy Techncian program can prepare students to enter the pharmacy field and pursue certification including the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s PTCB exam.

Nursing Home Administrator

This Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators approved specialty program is designed to provide a knowledge core of education for those interested in pursuing a career in the long term care administration field. (120 hours)

Other Certificates and Programs

Business TeachingAgile ScrumMaster

Agile ScrumMaster The Certified ScrumMaster™ Certification is the most well-established and respected certification in the Agile Community. It is often the starting point on a journey towards agility. Penn State's CSM is delivered as a fun, interactive, hands-on, workshop.


Project Management Bootcamp with Simulation

The proposed workshop will cover project management fundamentals that span the typical project life-cycle from initiation to project close.   Participants will use tools available to monitor the progress of projects, e.g., Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams during the project simulation exercises.


Five WorkersCommunity Interpreter Program

Interpreters are everywhere. From hospital rooms to courtrooms, from tourist attractions to war zones, helping to negotiate high-level business deals or mediating conflicts on the streets of Philadelphia, interpreters are needed all over the world.