What's the Student Activity Fee (SAF)?

Student Activity Fee at WorkThis site has been designed to provide information connected to the student activity fee (SAF) allocation process. It is our hope that the information provided is informative and useful and that the reader will be able to navigate the site with ease.

The purpose of the student activity fee is to "provide funds to improve co-curricular environment for undergraduate and graduate students." Any and all members of the campus community (students, faculty, and staff) are welcome to apply for funds provided the proposal meets the requirements of this guiding principle.

Please refer to the SAF Handbook for additional information regarding guidelines and policies.

Requests for funding are submitted to the SAF Allocation Committee. This committee, which meets regularly throughout the year, is responsible for reviewing proposals and allocating SAF funds in a manner consistent with the purpose of the fee. See request form.

Questions regarding the SAF can be directed to the senior director of Student Affairs Gale Siegel.

Student Activity Fee Committee

Gale Siegel, Sr Director Students Affairs (gxs1@psu.edu)

Awele Ajufo, SGA President (aja5482@psu.edu)

Wendy Richman, Faculty Rep (wdr4@psu.edu)

Keith Brandon, Staff Rep (bkb18@psu.edu)

Melissa Aguilar, Student (mya5279@psu.edu)

Justin Brouse, Student (jvb5568@psu.edu)

Kate Dysart, Student (kld5309@psu.edu)

Kristopher Gracia, Student (kcg5060@psu.edu)

Stacy Wanerman, Student (saw5444@psu.edu)

Michael Allendorf, Student (mja5348@psu.edu)

Gale Siegel
Gale Siegel
Sr. Director of Student Affairs