Penn State Abington

Counseling Services

Individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, referrals for services including psychiatric evaluations for students as well as prevention and consultation services for the university community.

Counseling can help students resolve personal concerns that may interfere with their academic progress, social development and satisfaction at Penn State.


Some of the more common concerns include:

  • difficulty with friends, relationships or family members
  • depression, stress and anxiety
  • sexual identity
  • lack of motivation
  • difficulty relaxing, concentrating or studying
  • eating disorders
  • sexual assault and sexual abuse recovery
  • addiction, substance abuse issues, and compulsive behaviors
  • uncertainties about personal values and beliefs.


Counseling Office
Located in 102A Lares, is part of Student Health Services. A licensed professional counselor (Rachel Breskman, M.Ed., CAC) from the Growth Opportunity Center can provide short term counseling for all Penn State Abington students. Contact Health Services to make an appointment, 215-881-7350. More information on the counselor.

To Schedule an Appointment or request more information contact Health Services at 215-881-7350 or go to Wellness Center at 103 Lares.


All students seeking emotional support services will be embraced with respect and dignity. Each student will be valued for his/her gender, race, sexual orientation, preferences and identity, age, cultural and religious backgrounds and abilities. Penn State Abington is committed to helping students deal with discrimination and identity issues.


Fees and limitations
Short term counseling services are provided at no charge for all Penn State Abington students.