Summer Tuition Information

How much is a summer course at Abington?

  • Courses are paid per credit, Pennsylvania residents pay $535 per credit for classes

  • Non PA residents pay $827 per credit for classes


Please note: Penn State students may pay more than $535 per credit depending on their division and major, please contact the Bursar office directly for more information: 215-881-7325 or 215-881-7324



Students are required to pay technology and facilities fees in the summer, the price depends on the number of credits you are taking, that price breakdown is listed below.

Credits & Technology Fees

1-4 credits, $63 tech fee 

5-8 credits, $126 tech fee

9 or more credits, $189 tech fee

Credits & Facilities Fees

1-4 credits, $30 facilities fee

5-8 credits, $60 facilities fee

9 or more credits, $90 facilities fee

Adding credits on or after the first day of the semester could result in a corresponding increase of the fee. Dropping credits on or after the first day of the semester will not reduce the fee.


Tuition Adjustment Schedule

If registration has been completed and you subsequently withdraw or drop to part time, a refund will be made according to the Tuition Adjustment Schedule:

Session I

5/18-5/22, 70%
5/25-5/29, 40% 
6/1-6/5, 20%
6/8 & later, 0%

Session II

6/29-7/3, 70%
7/6-7/10, 40%
7/13-7/17, 20%
7/20 & later, 0%

Veterans should contact the Bursar's Office at 122A Sutherland Building if planning to use VA education benefits.


Penn State students

Use your eLion account to register for classes.



Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Bills

When do bills for summer go out for visiting students?
Summer bills run from 4/10/15 until 7/31/15.  Bills for guest students who do not get an access account will be generated manually and mailed starting 
May 1, 2015.

When do bills for summer go out for PSU students?  
PSU students bills are generated vial elion once classes are scheduled.  PSU students must check on elion for their summer 2015 tuition bill.


Do you offer a payment plan during the summer?  Is that plan for both visiting and PSU students?
Yes, the deferment plan is available to all PSU students and Guest students,  but can only be obtained during the Summer I session.  There is a one-time fee per semester of $45 to use the plan.  The due dates for the deferment plan are: 1st payment- 
5/1/2015, 2nd payment 5/29/15, and final payment 6/26/15.  The deferment plan is not available during Summer II session.

Any further questions regarding Summer 2014 tuition bills please call the Bursar office:   
Aliyah D. Murray  -215 881-7324 or Deborah Ball 215 881-7325.

Can I use my financial aid for summer?

Please contact your financial aid advisor to see if you have money that can be used over the summer.

For more information, contact:
Eva Klein
Eva Klein